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    Gaming Headset

    Well, if you have an iPhone the ones that come with it. Of course don’t buy him one lol. I use the man o war rarely and it’s actually really good if you only use discord. Just get him those
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    Gaming Headset

    No joke Apple headphones are actually really good if he has spare
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    Make Gen Buckets Instant

    No. Make it instant.
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    World Variety & Map Shrinkage

    Essential Information Minecraft Username: Xx_AwesomeDerp Realm or Service: Desteria (all) Suggestion Information Thread Title: World Variety & Map Shrinkage Description: Flying, or walking 15k blocks at the start of the map then spending grace period trenching and doing base work isn't...
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    Make Gen Buckets Instant

    Essential Information Minecraft Username: Xx_AwesomeDerp Realm or Service: Desteria (all) Suggestion Information Thread Title: Make Gen Buckets Instant Description: Instead of having gen buckets slowly flow down, make them instantly place the entire column. What would your suggestion...
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    The Unsolved Problems of Desteria

    I’m not blacklisted, I can play. He saw my last thread so eventually he will see this one. No one is doing anything except the player content team they consult for help. That first part means nothing because if I were blacklisted my 5 years on desteria doesn’t change.
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    The Unsolved Problems of Desteria

    As it stands, the server is stale from starting this reset to now. There are usually 1-3 factions dominating the map on Auren, then it doesn’t matter on Besen, and I’m not sure about Caden. Patience is something I wish I had, but I can at least point out from a player standpoint how my time has...
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    Thank you.

    Good luck in the military (I think) I’m going to miss stealing your suggestions :(
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    Should I go for a Macbook or a regular laptop

    The Dell XPS is way better, now the MacBooks are getting increasingly more pricy when you could get an affordable gaming laptop for less. Seeing as you’re a college student, the $2k price tag on the new one isn’t really that well, and on my XPS 13 I can run some games (not really playable, but...
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    Super Og's of Ethra. 1.0 through 3.0

    krynn won the realm vs realm sepre was embarrassed :crying:
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    F map claiming

    yes It’s built into ocmc but I can’t use it
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    Change it to 4pm est. That’s like 9 for UK and when people usually get off of school That’s also 4am for AUs so they’ll eventually wake up People have lives and what am I going to do? Patch in my dreams?
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    ^* Splash of Spawners

    The amount of effort put into suggestions means literally nothing when there’s no resources for me to give more detail. If I give more info how am I supposed to know what it affects or how it effects the server? If there a was a beta realm then I’d say otherwise, but I can’t. NONE and literally...
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    ^* Splash of Spawners

    Thanks for the feedback I’m sure people who know more about the game would be great at giving input. Hope you eventually do.