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    How to get windows on mac in order to play on bad lion

    I’m not bootcamping my mac just for one server sorry not even one server one realm
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    Desteria + Badlion: Drego Realm (Map 3)

    Add crop growth rate to faction upgrades but first add the actual plugin it to the main realms thanks
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    Koth improvements

    +1 except for koth times cause they're fine
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    deleted my staff app lol if you want an actual reason then dm me if you care

    deleted my staff app lol if you want an actual reason then dm me if you care
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    Bosses Rework - Fragments & Sets

    The boss system right now is pretty standard and I think it’s possible to spice it up! Adding back old bosses to name all the bosses we’ve had: Nex, Giant Zombie Nex, Headless Horsemen, Ice Zombie(I think), and the current spider one. I feel like these changes should be considered: Bosses (if...
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    Lunar Protest!

    yeah it sure worked
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    ????????????? you named everyone who actually cheats omegalol
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    Lunar Protest!

    okay but you're going to qd
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    AutoBots Avengers Trailer

    whoever worked on it did amazing! hopefully wasn’t you
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    can u use ur brain already

    yea I agree
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    [Gameplay] Conquest

    Best explanation: from badlion forums Obviously has to be modified for desteria standards Would happen (my suggestion) on friday 3pm and saturday 10pm
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    The Content Drain of Desteria (HOW YOU CAN HELP)

    lol if you even use these forums and want to assist in desterias content dm me on discord (kishoten#0124) or make a thread in the suggestions section: Focus on existing content and how to improve or change it Or New content - highlight key points of your suggestion - make sure to make it...
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    pvp practice

    I’m such a good pvper
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    PleaseHelp and Denial

    ur noob