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    Cansky shouldn't be admin

    Good thing he is not a staff because he isn’t able to hold weight in complications like this where he can acknowledge both sides but goes on and make accusations :)
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    Cansky shouldn't be admin

    juice doesn’t play besen but he has knowledge of actual factions maybe he can help you out
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    Announcement | Monthly Crate Returns!

    lol “ An unmissable, limited-edition September special, guaranteeing you the following rewards: $2-4m Money Shipment 250-750 Tokens 15x Trenching Cores Trenching Pickaxe 5x Iron Golem Spawners 16x Creeper Spawners 5x Rename Scrolls Unlimited Chest Sell Wand 100 mcMMO Credits Plus receive one...
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    LMFAO Yea nah time to dipset.

    let’s go mcbeta popping off
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    Cansky shouldn't be admin

    Or we’re all friends (which I know is hard for you to come by) and they decided to play. He ignored the statement because it was irrelevant and utterly adding nothing except accusations which isn’t what we’re trying to come by, neither are you guys straying away from a proper conclusion
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    Cansky shouldn't be admin

    player vaults usually aren’t multiple grinders “retard”
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    Cansky shouldn't be admin

    stop bending the rules :)
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    Cansky shouldn't be admin

    I’m sorry I forgot everyone in your faction raids all the time
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    Cansky shouldn't be admin

    No one in either faction involved has bended any rules past the ones that have already been warned for seeing how you call for staff at every possible altercation between our factions. 1567348472 Usually, you aim the cannon for the spawners you want because they’re not in separate boxes, lol.
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    Cansky shouldn't be admin

    The report was made before we started raiding? Please, calm down it’s not good for your health. You’re coming to quick conclusions and making yourself look stupid by being mad at A) Cansky For no absolute reason other than your own stupidity of making your base designed in the way that it would...
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    Cansky shouldn't be admin

    rat and mad
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    Cansky shouldn't be admin

    rat and mad
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    Omega should'nt be manager.

    Omega is a good manager, he just doesn't play the game as much and doesn't have the time. Still waiting on that ****ing factions manager that iLemon was supposedly looking for Wondering why the zealot stuff is ass? because ilemon is against a beta realm zz z z z z z z z z z z z zz iLemon...
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    Require BLC or Lunar throughout the network.

    using... were you not at koth earlier but once blc comes on Mac and I can download it then it can be enabled
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    Being able to disable faction fly

    do it with wilderness that’s how I got mystah 800 acrobatics levels other way is put an alt in your base, then kick it so your fly is disabled (you have to move the alt cause it will get tped to spawn