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    Fix The Fishing Rewards

    For the record this was just suggested in another post as well: Linking here for reference. Personally I think this is worth looking into although auto-fishing would make this fairly easy to be abused. In general +1 if we can find a way...
  2. Lucy

    MMCMO Fishing

    This was already suggested earlier in another thread: I'll go ahead and link your comment there and close this one as it's slightly in the wrong section (Stuff like this should be posted in the suggestions section). Feel free...
  3. Lucy

    Where is it?

    Was your inventory full by any chance? As far as I know there are no issues with handing out crates from parkour rewards.
  4. Lucy

    Bring back ./event ffa

    Generally FFA is supposed to have quick and short fights so bringing the configs from event over would be somewhat disadvantagable to the system. In general I do believe we will look into bringing the /event concept back in somewhere on FFA but for now we are focusing on the quick fights. I've...
  5. Lucy

    What Happened to Auren?

    I'm not sure what you are referring to but we had a reset last Saturday if you were not aware of that ;o.
  6. Lucy


    Generally spam clicking the join button will help a little with getting in although if the realm is full you might want to invest in a scout rank to be able to join
  7. Lucy

    Demote omega

    Omega is doing a great job, thank you. Locked and denied.
  8. Lucy

    Guess my number.

    55 72
  9. Lucy

    Only Omega can do so, so you should send him a message with what you want your forums name...

    Only Omega can do so, so you should send him a message with what you want your forums name changed to ^.^
  10. Lucy

    Few things that need to be added

    I personally don't really like this as factions could always need more than two bases. As someone suggested in another thread, a better solution would be that roughly 90% of your ftop value MUST be within one base. This would still allow people to make multiple bases and small grinders somewhere...
  11. Lucy

    SoulDudes are now recruiting!

    As you can see in this screenshot you are in the sub forum for the Caden realm: Anything posted here is for Caden - that includes the Recruitment section. Every realm has their own recruitment section if you look at their directory, from there you can easily navigate...
  12. Lucy

    Is there a way to automatically farm mobs pls let me know

    Hello - please check out the following guide: This guide explains all spawner values and further down you can find tutorials on the respective grinders. Simply look up which mob you want to farm and you can...
  13. Lucy

    taming mcmmo

    Mob AI is not even enabled meaning you cannot tame dogs/they won't follow you around, or shouldn't at least. Plus it would make pvp very annoying if someone turned up with a bunch of dogs. In addition, as Ranety said, it would also take ages finding enough dogs to make it worthwhile so it's not...
  14. Lucy

    Crop Hoppers

    Hello, crop hoppers have already been a thing in previous resets but were removed due to us not wanting to promote farm economy. It may be reconsidered implementing in the future but as of right now it will stay removed. Closed.
  15. Lucy

    broken down by 0 because-ripartito da 0 perche

    Hello, as you can see in this thread: our realms have been reset as of Saturday 3pm EST. During this reset EVERYTHING was lost except Donator ranks, kits and cosmetics. You will not be able to get anything else back.