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    remove shields on payout days

    I had about 3 strokes reading that
  2. Krynogenic

    wtf is this bug abuse ban,

    i dont understand why youre crying about it, you got caught abusing a bug
  3. Krynogenic

    Desteria Comp Realm?

    also theres no way a 1 week realm would make near $500, never mind the overheads ontop of that
  4. Krynogenic

    Desteria Comp Realm?

    wahey another pirate paypal farm
  5. Krynogenic

    remove shields on payout days

    dont remove shield, just make spawners take 24hrs to start accumulating value
  6. Krynogenic

    Make world superflat

    i like trees though. removing mineshafts would be nice
  7. Krynogenic

    Playerbase Analytics

    there u go
  8. Krynogenic


    Just google mc alts lol
  9. Krynogenic


    You can buy really cheap alts, they usually suckthough
  10. Krynogenic

    Where my OGs at?

    dont hate me cuz you aint me :cool:
  11. Krynogenic

    Where my OGs at?

    ogs have 2014 forums accounts, everyone else is a new gen :cool:
  12. Krynogenic

    ban cheating players

  13. Krynogenic

    F top payout

    youre not on title roster?
  14. Krynogenic

    F top payout

    As the best leader for the best faction for the best realm - more payout wouldn't change the map in terms of comp. He'd probs lose money from this
  15. Krynogenic

    Get rid of the week or two after payout is over

    caden doesnt deserve me :(