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    Beta Realm Release!

    Krynogenic Kai01#7112
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    Last Post Wins The Internet

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    Last Post Wins The Internet

    mb the offer gone?
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    Last Post Wins The Internet

    yes pls
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    really wish we still had rate funny
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    Add a Command that Makes Your Target Have A Glow Around Them

    lmao you have never been on ffa have you
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    Special Announcement

    Mohammad Wang is my guess
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    Point of Core Claims?

    I'd imagine the unclaiming command doesnt work? Unclaim the 3x3 dark chunks. I'd try /f coreclaim unclaim, if that doesnt work do /f unclaim (be sure to quickly /f claim before moving to next chunk) Rinse and repeat for other 8 chunks. stand in center chunk and try /f coreclaim claim 5
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    Point of Core Claims?

    ./f coreclaim unclaim 2 ./f coreclaim claim 5 should make a 9x9 area if the commands work
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    nf perception?

    nf perception?
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    Can I claim land just to mess with another fac for fun?

    sounds like ***** claiming, I think its kinda frowned upon (?) and if you dont have intentions of raiding it gets unclaimed by admins because then your intention is to stop them building
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    I am banned from webstore

    i once got banned from buycraft, idk how but after x amount of time i was unbanned. I have 0 idea how long that was though
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    Small change in kits (Speed 1 to Speed 2)

    kit noble? wat