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    Drego Map #1 Winners

    Kek defiance split, imagine posting raid edits to flex being number 1 then getting absolutely ****ed
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    Defiance running Drego

    “Defiance running drego”
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    +10 Any incentive to buy trenching tools was lost when that change was made
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    Desteria 2FA

    It’s a really nice touch, glad to see you care about player safety
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    Defiance running Drego

    This is cute
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    (Drego) Trench pick fix

    Trench picks were one of the highest value items you could buy from the shop before now it’s just kinda eh
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    Make a /f fly command for those who bought faction fly

    Was gonna say don’t really know why you’d need this, but that’s a fair point. When you leave a claimed chunk your fac fly doesn’t re-enable until you touch the ground or enter water of a chunk that is claimed which makes it a pain in the ass while doing base work or making a cannon box
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    Defiance running Drego
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    Hire more staff...

    My issue with the staff team is this clear corruption among staff like cansky, but omega refuses to do anything about it which leads me to believe that most if not all issues such as lack of consistent moderation on each realm, or server issues not being fixed, is either directly or indirectly...
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    Hire more staff...

    I've made staff reports that have been denied due to "insufficient evidence" on Cansky and even when evidence arose ie: Cansky intentionally making illegal claims as well as his faction making multiple mistakes that were fit for a warning, claiming he would give his faction two warnings, then...
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    Defiance running Drego

    Imagine trying to flex with minecraft edits
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    Hire more staff...

    The little staff that desteria does have is incredibly corrupt and staffs with heavy bias especially the higher up you go because omega is too lazy to bother looking for new decent staff
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    Suggestion - Remove spawner stack limit or put no cap on stack

    oh yeah true they could just lower the radius it stacks tho
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    Suggestion - Remove spawner stack limit or put no cap on stack

    Suggestion Title Remove spawner stack limit or put no cap on stack Which realm does this suggestion apply to? Auren, Besen, Caden Introduction the limit makes blaze and witch grinder significantly more obsolete Details I recommend no stack cap fixes any lag issue as well as...
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    Rant: Cansky

    Not sure if you actually read the report but I made a cohesive accusation suggesting he only staffs when it’s to his advantage, which, I’m not sure if you can quite understand this, but it’s somewhat difficult to provide proof for it. Not to mention the fact that everyone who has bothered...