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    Merging all of the realms together (Discuss)

    This kind of confuses me. I like the concept of different realms with different functions. Id like to keep the realms seperate.
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    What Keeps You Coming Back?

    I just love being on here with the staff! They are so friendly! I also love how the server works with the voting system and everything. Best faction server ever.
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    New Classes, Boss and Nex ideas

    I don't know about this one. Ive never really payed attention to the classes to be completely honest.
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    Suggestion - /f fillclaim

    I like that Idea! I think claiming chunks is a bit easier though. Maybe I just like doing things the old fashioned way.
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    Base design questions

    I usually build my bases all the way at bedrock level so I cannot input on this but I do have benefits to being at bedrock!
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    Suggestion - /F top command update

    Cool idea! What would be the use of knowing the number of each type of spawner they have? Just a question.
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    Suggestion - Mob Hoppers

    It is an okay idea. I do see where you are coming from though!
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    Suggestion - Add tokens to the little gui on the right side of the screen

    I agree!! I would like to know my token amount at all times too. Typing it in gets a bit tedious.
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    Suggestion - Non raiding realm

    Honestly I would love to have a server with no raiding, I always get frustrated when I am raided but I always build back up. If I am looking for a nice and relaxing faction time this realm would be for me.
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    Suggestion - Head Selling/Bounty

    I like this idea! It is new and I think it will add a lot to the server! I hope this gets noticed by a staff member for the next reset.
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    I loved having the purge last reset!! I hope we do it again

    I loved having the purge last reset!! I hope we do it again
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    I wonder what season two will be like?

    I wonder what season two will be like?
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    :3 I can't wait for the reset

    :3 I can't wait for the reset
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    Suggestion - There should be no PvP at boss arena.

    Suggestion Title There should be no PvP at boss arena. Which realm does this suggestion apply to? Auren, Besen, Caden Introduction I believe that the boss arena shouldn't have PvP allowed. For one, you are there to fight the boss, not other players. Sure you are fighting for the keys...
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    How did you find Desteria?

    I was looking for a good faction server and Desteria was in the top 5 I believe. Thats how I found Desteria :)