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    [DREGO] Exclusive Recruitment Thread

    Btw: Just changed my name to Fidem <3
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    [DREGO] Exclusive Recruitment Thread

    || IGN || Achyss || Age || 14 || Rank || none || Skype and Teamspeak || Skype: BramTheKid, im not good at English, so i can't rlly talk with u guys xd || PvP skill (1-10) || 8 || Raiding skill (1-10) ||8 || Number of Alts? ||0 || How often do you play? ||like 3 hours per day || Reasons on why...
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    Redemption Faction Recruitment for 5.0 (Ethra)

    1. How Old Are You? What Is Your In-Game Name? -14, Achyss 2. On A Scale From 1-10 How Well Can You PvP? -8 3. On A Scale From 1-10 How Well Can You Cannon/Raid? -7 4. Do You Have A Donor Rank? If So, Put it down below. ( Not Required ) -Neh 5. How Actively Will You Play On Ethra? -Pretty much...
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    [~LMN8ATION Faction Recruitment~ [Edain]

    How old are you? 14 In Game Username Achyss <3 Donator Rank if you don't have one leave this blank Probably gonna donate soon How good are you at raiding/cannoning? Pretty well, not that good though Are you good at PvP? Please rate yourself from 1-10 7 n half :P How often are you...
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    ||EVM/AVM||Recruitment V2||Eldyn||

    What is your user name? Bramolino How old are you? 14 What is your Time zone? Central-Europe What is your skype name? BramTheKid What is your current Donator rank? none What is your current level, Class/Rank? level 60/Alchemist Do you have any Alts? none Are you Pvper /Builder/Miner...
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    ||EVM/AVM||Recruitment V2||Eldyn||

    What is your username? - Bramolino - What is your Current Donator rank? - NONE- Are you Pvper /Builder/Miner? - Builder and pvper - What is your pvp skill? (1-10) - 7 - What is your building skill? (1-10) -9- Raiding skill level? (1-10) -6- Redstone Knowledge 1-10? (Repeaters, Comparators...