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    Mcmmo skills

    dude be quiet omg
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    The parasite of Caden (WeeWoo)

    Just going to jump in here and say if you're not completely _____ fill in the blanks you'd be able to takeover "weewoo" quite easily. Just paypal dank $5 and they'll be gone.
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    I love seeing iNovelty in the chat.
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    Blorbin Hates Fun.

    Truely an unfortunate event.
  5. Breweyy

    Guess who's back? :P

  6. Breweyy

    What Keeps You Coming Back?

    I keep coming on because theres a chance of Panda becoming staff!
  7. Breweyy

    I’m an alt

    I'm genuinely curious onto who you are, I'm not trying to be funny.
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    New Classes, Boss and Nex ideas

    May I point out that, Speed 1 isn't really useful.... thinking long term about these perks Speed 1 would only help out players in the beginning. I can only see speed 1 being helpful if the case came down to if you had ran out of speed and that you'd have an advantage. Plus the older classes...
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    I’m an alt

    I'm sorry, who are you again?
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    I’m an alt

    Why is it that when your joke dies down you decide to bring it back? Attention seeking 14 year olds don't seem to not amaze me
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    my nudes lmao

    lmao look at your pfp, I really hope that isn't you.
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    my nudes lmao

    terrible choice in music
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    Titan giveaway

    imagine not having a picture for your signature, bot
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    1000 Post - 1 Year

    oh yeah yeah
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    1000 Post - 1 Year

    I'm glad you only came in 2018 tbh, everyone knew what you'd be when you joined the forums. An annoying kid that constantly micro spammed and catfished to get staff. That's all you'll be known for. Stop trying to clean up lmaoo