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    June Staff Wave Predictions!

    Thanks, I hate it. Res and Lamb certainly deserve promotions to Helper. Lucy and Moon should see promotions to higher ranks as well. Haven't had any poor experiences with the recruits and I see them online enough to satisfy me, no demotes to recommend. Blorbin: Moderator -> Shampoo Technician
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    Welcome back, congrats!

    Welcome back, congrats!
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    Bet, miss the last set of ratings
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    Correct, quests are not live. There's been no word on when they'll be introduced.
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    Insiding should result in a rollback of a base

    Taken from the announcement for Drego Map 2: Seems like something has changed server-side to make rollbacks much easier/faster without resetting the server. This suggestion is to now extend rollback support to most/all cases of insiding instead of once or twice like the past map. Assuming this...
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    Connection to Desteria

    There's an European proxy if location is a factor for ya. and Dunno if there's an issue with the server. I sit around 40-50ms on Main servers are hosted in NA so if you were asking EU players that may be why.
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    Quick Question about Tickets

    Gotcha, admin+ is pretty good at getting those back in a timely manner. Welcome back
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    Quick Question about Tickets

    Purchase support tickets, right? A day or so
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    How about a Mobius Strip

    How about a Mobius Strip
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    Shop Suggestion

    Mobs won't drop items if they only take damage from suffocating, so nope.
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    Shop Suggestion

    You can buy eggs from the decor shop, use /decor or /resources to access it. iirc, chickens were removed from the spawner economy because there was no viable way to automate chicken grinding.
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    Bs? I’m confused

    "Thread locked. A separate inquiry into this situation has been made within a private platform. I encourage anyone who has any confusion regarding their mute to contact any member of the staff team. We have the ability to view your punishment history, and can thus lead you to the staff member...
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    F-Top Rewards Poll

    Gaming laptop, I move around too much to bother with a desktop so that's my main computer. I've got one now that's served me very well, though it's ~4 years old and starting to show. 120 or 144hz displays on laptops are also looking real nice these days :p
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    Personality Test: Part 2

    The finger gun is the only accurate part Edit: I sarcastically call people "sport" a lot so that too
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    Personality Test: Part 2

    Alright chief, doubtful, but whatever you say lol