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Greetings Desterians
No more “soon” messages. The wait is over. Today, we’re excited to finally be bringing you news regarding Besen’s reset! This post isn’t just a reset announcement, though, it’s also a content release teaser. Besen will be releasing this Saturday alongside our weekly content update that we’ve had planned for a good few weeks now. Sound interesting? Read on!

Reset details will be posted below:

Saturday, July 14th, 2018
19:00 BST | 14:00 EST | 13:00 CST | 12:00 MT | 11:00 PST
Besen Realm:
“Those skilled with their hands will thrive in the land known as the pinnacle of technological advancements..”

  • Desteria Classes - a newly designed class system
  • Gen Buckets - horizontal and vertical cobblestone gen buckets
  • Printer Allowed - the use of the schematica printer mod is permitted
  • Non-combat mcMMO - no combat skills will be enabled on...
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Greetings Desterians!

I'm excited to bring to you today what's been demanded for months. As of tonight's reboot, when you log into the server, you'll be using a full revamped version of the TnTFill command. In the past the command was buggy, inefficient, and arguably made your life harder when filling dispensers than it would be as opposed to doing it by hand. We've since completely redesigned the command from the ground up to make it more efficient, consistent, and useful. Let's get straight into it!

Command Syntax


As described above, the command will be used with two arguments. The first will designate how big of a radius you want to scan for dispensers (the maximum is a 32 block radius (meaning it will scan two-chunks worth of blocks to your left, right, forwards, and backwards)), and the second is to designate how much TnT you want in each dispenser.

Before you complain about the radius being too small, fear not! We've accounted for this. The plugin is designed in such a way that we don't need a larger radius. If you want 64 TnT in all of your dispensers, and use the command...
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Greetings Desterians!

As some of you may have noticed, we've released another four custom enchants for the roamers of Caden to enjoy! With these new enchantments we've been working towards trying to create a Bard-esq PvP build. The wielder of a hoe will be able to utilize these enchantments to help bolster their allies in combat, while simultaneously weakening their enemies. Think of it like a support class! We've got more ideas towards this concept in the works! As always though, keep your own suggestions flowing in for we sift through them on a regular basis. We're always excited to see what you can all conjure up. Without further ado though, here are the new enchantments:

: Common
Max Level
: 3
Type: Hoe Enchant
This hoe enchantment keeps all nearby faction members within a certain radius fed when held!

Tier: Elite

Max Level: 2
Type: Fishing Rod Enchant
This fishing rod enchantment has a chance to inflict slowness on a player when hooked!

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Greetings Desterians!

June Top Voters

I'm here to announce the top voters of this last month! If you weren't aware, you can earn rewards from voting! You can find the specifics here. As for last month of June, here are your winners! If you see your IGN on this list, please PM me here on the Forums or Discord to get your giftcard.

1st. Bardhole - 91 - redeemed
2nd. reddonut - 90 - redeemed
2nd. El_Juank - 90 - redeemed
2nd. Philippe124 - 90 - redeemed
2nd. BloodyEclair - 90- redeemed

Congratulations to the users who've won. If you see your name on this, reach out to myself in PM either here on the Forums or on Discord and I'll get you your rewards!
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Greetings Desterians!

It’s been quite some time since Auren’s release. Today marks a new chapter in the history of what Auren has to offer. Today, Auren is officially resetting! While it may be similar at first glance, we have a few surprises up our sleeve. However, before we get into the content, let’s get down to business and announce our F-Top winners for this last map!

F-Top Winners
First Place: Anarchy - Leader: JamesDaKill - $10,946,912,862.36
  • Won a $500 Store Gift Card! - redeemed
  • Has earned a global title of their faction’s name!
  • Has earned a fancy golden aura!
Second Place: YRN - Leader: Wonderfhul - $7,957,950,289.02
  • Won a $250 Store Gift Card! - redeemed
Third Place: Susan - Leader: ___Kane - $2,783,294,967.23
  • Won a $100 Store Gift Card! - redeemed

Awesome job to all the factions that participated this time around, and here’s to a new map with a new F-Top system! As for these existing winners, if you see your leader’s name on this list, please have them reach out to Logic on Discord or here on the Forums to...
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Greetings Desterians!

Enough waiting. The time has come. It’s with an abundance of excitement that we’re able to announce Auren will be resetting! For this reset we’ve listened to the community, and we will not be jam-packing it full of lightly tested content. Instead, our focus is on a smooth release day with respect to server performance. Once we’ve confirmed the vanilla state of the realm is functioning well, we’ll begin releasing the scheduled content we have in store for you throughout subsequent weekly releases that will keep the realm feeling new and lively throughout its entire playthrough. Keep your eyes open for teasers!

The thinking is that by releasing as little new software as possible alongside a fresh world, we minimize the potential for performance issues on release. The only major changes will be switching out the world files for a pre-loaded fresh map. In the following weeks, to keep things interesting, we’ll start releasing all of the good stuff we have planned for you. For more information on...