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Introducing: Desteria 11.0
Desterians, a new age is upon us and big changes are near. The forest trees are growing taller as time goes on, candles begin to light the cobblestone paths leading to the almighty realms of Desteria. Prepare yourself, prepare your faction. Are you ready for a new era?

Here's a breakdown of what's new:

  • Desteria has been given a whole new design; both on our website and in-game.
  • Global reset; all realms will be starting over.
  • Spawner Generators
  • FFA has been revamped
  • New scrolls; Resurrection and Statistic scroll.
  • Chest Sell Tool
  • A new, but different realm is arriving.

A New Look
With 11.0 approaching, it's time for a design revamp. You can look forward to seeing newly drawn artwork, as well as new in-game forests and warps. Here are a select few in-game builds:

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Christmas Hub!
Can you hear the sleigh bells ringing Desterians? Christmas has taken over the hub for the month and there seems to be a wild snowy blizzard cutting through the treetops, the dim lights of the forest shining bright, fire logs crackling and players getting their bases up to scratch for the harsh winter upon them.


Ftop - Final Battle!
As we approach an entire fresh start, the somewhat vague f top rewards system is no longer going to be continuing into 2018. A new, officially documented rewarding process will be announced in our next post. Leaders are to inbox me as normal.

1st - Perosis (KevinIsLife) ✔
2nd - Legendary...
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70% Black Friday Sale!
It's Black Friday! Take advantage of BIGGEST sale ever with an incredible 70% OFF EVERYTHING! Purchase Rank Notes, Upgrade Gems, Kits, Supply Crates, and anything else for the lowest price ever!

Update Teasers
We're working on something big - and we can't wait to announce it!

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Greetings Desterians!

After discussion, we have decided that it would be nice to have official Development announcements instead of the changelog system to inform you all of what changes have been going on behind the scenes with a bit more information than what you'd normally get.

A massive thank you as always to our Developer team for their hard work!

45% Sale!
You heard it correctly Desterians, the sale is hitting the stores once again ready for you to get your hands on some packages, the sale will be for a limited time only so don’t leave it late!

Work of Art!
Our Network Artist has been hard at work once again customising the store and has made changes to the rank papers, how amazing do they look?!


Chat Filter
As many of you...
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Vote Rewards
Voting rewards have been greatly buffed. For every vote, players will now receive 145 EXP, $1,250, 1 Token, 1 Diamond, and 1 Random Supply Crate!

That's right - you now also have the chance to receive three of any tier Supply Crates, every day!

Get voting daily with /vote in-game. You can also see the top voters of the current month with /topvoters. The top 5 are rewarded with coupons for our server store.

November Store Customs + 40% Sale
We welcome the November Customs into the Desterian store which will include our new monthly crate at a reduced price and titles! Feast your eyes on the new artwork for the Desteria Crates, we have started to get our artist hard at work providing Desteria with some custom changes to the store. An incredible 40% OFF SALE has launched! Grab something at a discounted price before it ends....
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Desterians, ready yourselves! Halloween has taken over the store!
60% Sale Sale Sale
Go hard or go home for Halloween Desterians! We are currently hosting a 60% off sale for the Halloween period so you can get your claws on some spooky customs, the sale will be ending the 1st of November so get buying!

Grab some spooky items from

SpoOoOoky Halloween Hub!
As many of you would have noticed the hub has been transformed into a spooky entrance to the realms, do you dare enter the mouth of the skull? This is going to give the finishing touches off to a countdown to Halloween, enjoy Desterians!