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by Annie at 2:07 AM
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Hello, hello, Desteria! A few short notices for you today, and a follow-up on our newest gamemode.

New Store Interface
Some of you may have already noticed this change - gone live two nights ago on our online store. Before, our store was functional - but that may have been all that it was. Our artists have been working a good amount of time on the new shop user-interface, and they've done an absolutely fantastic job capturing the rustic, minimalist theme of the network and the sentimental fantasy of our forests. Go take a look, even if you don't plan on buying anything!


This was a strictly visual change; none of the packages have been edited. However, the Halloween bundle has been re-added temporarily to the shop - its removal was a mistake. It is now on a hefty clearance sale for a short period of time.
FFA Follow-up
It's been a little while since the release of our new gamemode - Free For All! We've gotten mountains of feedback from you, and the team is overjoyed to see that a good number of players appreciate the addition. We've made a...
by Annie at 12:47 AM
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Hello, hello, Desteria! Sensational news for all brave fighters out there. Our beloved gamemode, Free For All, has been made live on our network - players can access it anytime from the realm hubs.
At the behest of the production team - and myself, I'd like to make one last sincere apology to the community. This is long overdue. There were unforeseen factors, of course. We didn't intentionally sit around twiddling our thumbs and playing darts while the network crumbled around us, but it is still our responsibility to provide quality content on time - a responsibility that had not been adequately met this update.


Onto the actual update: next to nothing had been kept from the previous versions of FFA - this has been a complete re-haul. Therefore, I strongly recommend all players preparing to take part in this blood-fest to give this announcement a good read-through, even old FFA veterans. Let's begin!

Special thanks to @OhBlihv, our fantastical developer, for working so hard under pressure and producing exactly what was needed.

New Map
Starting with aesthetic...
by Eraze at 8:40 PM
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Hello everyone. I know it has been a while since I have made a post, however I decided that todays announcement should be made by me. And yes, I know this post is very well overdue, but it is finally time to tell you what our plans are for completionist, and why it isn't here yet.

Before I Begin
I would like to start by saying that there will be no comment winner on this post. I know many of you are angry, but I am going to say nice and clear right now, that any negative behaviour caused by this post will not be tolerated. If any player reads this post, then starts to bust a spleen about how hard their life is without Completionist, they can be restricted and removed without warning.


The Explanation
Now, time to explain why it isn't here yet. Since the very beginning of 5.0, we planned on opening up completionist. It was going to be different, new and it was meant to be on-time, but it wasn't. What we weren't prepared for was the rush of issues and bugs that followed after the initial release of 5.0 - I know many of you don't understand and never will, but 5.0 changed 50% of the back-end of all the...
by Annie at 12:54 AM
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Hello hello, Desteria! An eventful month has come to closure, and the festival of spooks has, tragically, become a thing of the past. I hope everyone had a lovely Halloween, both on Desteria and in your real lives. Here's a quick update on October's votes for you guys today:

Vote Reset
As always, a massive thanks to all who have been loyally voting away to keep our server at the very top. Congratulations to all our new voting champs!

MagicalLoli [149] | Suddenduck [145] | ferdog [144] | telegamer [144]
Xelloom [143] | LeyseAnton [142] | Necr0maNceR [140] | Diamond_Cat [139]
GoOpPeR1 [138] | _UnlimitedPvP_ [137]


The players above will be sent a coupon code - if you do not receive your code within 24 hours, I most likely was unable to find match your username to your forum account. Do send me a PM with proof of your minecraft username. Keep voting, everyone, and once more, you have our gratitude for your support.

Upcoming Announcement
It's never been our intention to blindside the players' wants, although I don't doubt some...
by Annie at 4:18 AM
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Hello, hello, Desteria! A couple of small updates in this week's announcement, but rest assured: our frequent meetings have come to fruition and, if all goes well, tremendous things will be coming to us before this eventful year comes to an end.

Aura Re-haul
No more bewildered "how do I turn it ons", no more miserable players wondering if their purchase didn't work, no more having to memorize several different lines of command just to look pretty. It's no secret that the aura plugin utilized an odd system, requiring an entirely different command for every aura. However, as of last night, a new plugin has been put into our systems - now, all you have to do is type "/aura" and you'll be greeted with a lovely and maneuverable GUI that will make it much easier to look all nice and sparkly in front of your friends and enemies!

Halloween Bundle
A limited edition, new addition to our online store: The Halloween Bundle!
You can read more about each package individually on our online store, found in the header at the top of this page, but here's a brief run-through: the bundle...​
by Annie at 12:04 AM
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Hello hello, Desteria! As the month of September draws to a close and the festival of spooksies creeps near, it's my pleasure to bring you another sated announcement of good things to come.

Aesthetic Changes
If you've paid our forests a visit tonight, you might have already seen a few small changes that we've put together to enhance the aesthetic pleasure of Desteria. For one, the hubs have been meticulously decorated by our delightful team. From little pumpkins and mushrooms to the very big, slightly hungry skull that has replaced our realm portal, the forests of Desteria are in full preparation for the scariest festival of the year. Our server icon has also been updated to fit the part. From all of us at Desteria, we wish the community a happy October and a very joyous Halloween!

Spooky Store Sale: 40%
As with all special occasions, we'll be hosting a sale! As I write this announcement, a massive discount of 40% has been applied to every item in our store. For those who have recently gotten their coupons, or just have some change to spare, this is your chance - it's doubtful...