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Overlord Awakening: Introduction

Oh boy, the moment we've all been waiting for! I can feel the excitement crackling amongst everyone - the team, and the players. I can't express with words how fantastic it feels to have our hardwork pay off - mostly because I can barely talk from the exhaustion of sleepless nights. This has been the update that we've been eagerly working on for a very long time - as soon as 5.0 started tilting. We're very certain that we'll see a major improvement in economy this time around. Without further ado, let me present to you what Overlord's Awakening has to offer.. And while this post doesn't cover every little change made, these are the stand-out features!


OA: Class System Update
We've changed up the upgrading system for class ranks. Players will be initiated into their class through a Class Master after jumping into a portal. For rank upgrades, players will visit their Class Master. What's more even more exciting? Each class has a permanent ability that really stands out, here are the main four..

Viking: Permanent Haste II,
Archer: Permanent Speed Boost,
Assassin: Permanent Jump Boost,
Undead: Permanent...
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I doubt I could begin to convey the magnitude of this announcement with words; nor could any part of my vocabulary possibly placate the upcoming storm of that’s coming, so lets begin.

(Terrain Reset) Overlord's Awakening: Pre-Introduction
It's hard to believe how far both the community and server has developed within the past two years. The time feels as if it's been only a few months, yet this upcoming February we're nearing our second anniversary; it's crazy. With new servers and competition consistently forming, we've managed to stay strong and continue the true legacy. We've had a few very, VERY amazing updates during these two years. I think we owe it to ourselves and the entire community to bring you one of our best updates yet.


OA: Terrain Reset
It's time to drop your bags and leave all treasures behind. Due to the drastic changes made to the economy along with a re-haul of the class system.. The Overlord's Awakening update will consist of a terrain and class reset. All balances, enderchests, and terrain will be cleared. This news may not coincide as well as the feelings of many,...
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Hello hello, Desteria! What a month! November has positively flown past, and we draw close to the days of sleigh-bells and cheery lights. December marks the beginning of tremendous changes and updates for our forests - although today's announcement will be a small one. Best of luck on finals, those who have them, and a very early happy holidays to all!

Vote Reset
As always, a massive thanks to all who have been loyally voting away to keep our server at the very top. Congratulations to all our new voting champs!

LeyseAnton [136] | Necr0maNceR [136] | Suddenduck [135] | Diamond_Cat [131]
Robert39 [130] | DutchTroller [129] | Wrath_ [125] | BlazzingBlocks [124]
TrueXC [122] | UghvonAutsch [120]


The players above will be sent a coupon code - if you do not receive your code within 24 hours, I most likely was unable to find match your username to your forum account, or may have missed it while opening ten tabs to send the messages at once. Do send me a PM with proof of your minecraft username. Keep voting, everyone, and once more, you have our gratitude for your support....
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Hey guys, just checking in with a quick update regarding the recent, short-lived, forum hacking. The forum underwent an emergency shutdown earlier today issued by me. A group of hackers were able to exploit into our xenforo software and deface our forum.

Forum Downtime
Within minutes of the event, I ran immediate mitigation with our team and began further investigation. Despite the already high security across our network and website, it is our priority to ensure that your personal information is kept safe and encrypted through us. After further investigation, the hacking turned out to be a complete hoax. The user responsible for the hacking obtained a password belonging to one of our forums super-administrators (will not be named). After obtaining access to the account, the hacker used the administrator panel to update the index of the forum.

As always, we take precaution and are generally very quick with issues like these. I would like to inform all users that your information is completely safe and encrypted (with the way our forum software was made, we actually have no way of obtaining your passwords directly). We have taken further precaution to ensure issues like these no longer...
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Hello hello, Desteria! How was everyone's Black Friday? Hope everyone hauled in some good loot with their families today!

Black Friday Sale Extension
Firstly, I'd like to thank the owners for offering such a ridiculously huge price-cut to the community and those who might not have been able to afford ranks otherwise; I remember when I was thrilled with 30% sales as a wee new player! Tonight, on the server, I caught sight in chat a few conversations similar to "Poor XXX, they missed the sale, they so wanted a rank too." Well, luckily for whomever they were talking about, the sale will go on!


The sale was very popular among the players, and the team saw no reason to cut short such a boon to the community, especially on such a joyous festival about giving-back. Therefore, until 11:59 PM (CST), this Sunday, all items in our store will continue to be discounted at 55%. Happy shopping, everyone - both on Desteria and in real-life. Have a great weekend!

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Hello hello, Desteria! Are any of us doing anything exciting for the upcoming Thanksgiving?
Today, I’m genuinely thrilled to bring you an announcement full of nothing but the best of news for most.

Black Friday Sale
As many have inquired about, there will be a Black Friday sale this coming Friday on our online store. The sale will be 50%, and will only last for 24 hours, till Friday midnight, CST. A sale this huge will be hard to come by in the future, so do make sure your shopping lists are ready to go, if you're going to buy something.

Many coupon emails have been coming into our payments inbox; if you’re one of them whom I’ve replied, I would recommend using your coupon while the sale lasts. (Don’t worry, our stores are completely trample-safe from crowds clamoring for a good discount).


Event: White Christmas
I’m here with next month’s weather forecast, and it looks like we’ll be wading around knee deep - in presents! Our benevolent GloriousPanda has bestowed upon every realm a festive arena, in which an enormous tree towers over our forests....