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by Annie at 1:23 AM
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Hello, hello, Desteria! How is everyone doing tonight? I've just received a whole lot of good news, and it's my pleasure as always to be able to share it with you all. Let's get started!

Event: Red Rover
An ancient, bloodied arena has been discovered in the northern hemisphere of Calen. As word spreads like wildfire, the bravest of all the lands are gathering to meet in its core, for glory or for death. Join forces with the strongest, and weave a team of loyalty - this bloodbath will require no less than 5 adventurers to conquer. The challenge; a 5v5 red-rover style pvp match, with a single elimination ladder. For more information on the match style and to sign up for your 5-man team, please see this thread:


"Make a Difference" Conclusion
Our recent event for charity has just drawn to a close. This update for the community took longer than I would have liked - but you guys sent in so many great and thoughtful charity suggestions, that we took a little while to decide on a cause to support.

We eventually set our sights on the charity organisation:...
by Annie at 4:44 AM
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Hello, hello, Desteria! A little later than I promised with the announcement, but there were a few factors that held us back. I do hope everyone understands!

Event: Make A Difference
This is one vastly unique event! Not only will it depend entirely on the community, it will also have a lasting and positive impact on people in real life! This is an opportunity for Desteria's community to show that despite our conflicts and differences, we can achieve great things if we work together.


A global pot of gold has been created across the realms. To add to this pot, simply do /pot add [amount]. Here's the catch: for every 1 million in-game dollars, Desteria will donate $5.00 real-life money to a charity. Considering how many players frequent Desteria actively, this event could result in an amazing turn-out. Also feel free to add that competitive touch by comparing what realm is contributing the most! To do this, use /pot top.

Contributions of any size are completely welcome and, in all senses, every cent counts. The iron piling up in your chests, the gold and bones and rotten flesh flowing through your hoppers - all that could turn out to...
by Annie at 4:32 AM
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A great hello to all Desterians out there! It's that time of the month again: Here's our September post! Changes this time were mostly behind-the-scenes, but will have tremendous effect on our network as a whole. So, without further delay, let's get into it!​

Event: The Maze
A grand challenge awaits those who dare engage in battle without the comfort of shiny armor and fiery swords! On Aelin, a giant maze seems to have emerged from the ravenous earth. Some have tried to explore it, driven by lust for riches, but few emerge alive. Those who do can now speak of nothing but eternal darkness. Will you be one of them, brave adventurer? Details of this event, generously hosted by @GloriousPanda, can be found on separate thread:


Mob-Stacking Removal
After releasing a poll to the public, the community voted overwhelmingly in favor of the removal of mob-stacking. While it certainly had its share of advantages for the network, the sudden drastic effect it had on the economy was understandably hard to accept. Mob-stacking has been removed...​
by Bethy at 2:09 AM
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Greetings Desterians, just a quick, short announcement coming your way. We're at it again, and school is on it's way for another amazing year. I think we can all agree we'll miss our summers, but on the bright side.. meeting new people is fun! Desteria's got a long year ahead, the updates I've been informed about are crazy! It's definitely going to be one heck of a great year!

Desteria Sale
That's not all! To make your transition a bit more.. exciting: we're running a 30% store-wide sale valid until Monday, August 31st. Take advantage of this sale while you can, I don't think the next sale is happening any time soon. And remember, school IS AWESOME!


Comments Winner
On each announcement made, a random commenter is chosen at the end of the next announcement. The winner receives a $50.00 USD voucher code usable on our store. Multiple comments can be made (infinitely), so long as they are not spamming / irrelevant; those comments will be removed without notice, and further spam will result in exclusion from the event. Start commenting, the next winner will be picked in the next announcement post!

by Bethy at 2:18 PM
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Greetings Desterians, another update thread coming from your one and only! Here are our newest updates and implementations. Some exciting things have been added to Desteria and it keeps getting better, read on for more information & feel free to comment your opinions!

Mob Stacking
Yup, you heard it right! Mob Stacking has been implemented which is beyond amazing.. this not only means that mobs will stack, it means that the realms overall should be flawless, LAG becoming the word of the past. It may take a bit of reworking for grinders to make spawning efficient again but it'll be worth it! Before commenting it's important that you read: HERE.


Global Server GUI
Ever wanted to quickly switch onto a realm without a hassle? Dream no more, it's here guys! If you have trouble remembering each realm name this is for you! We have implemented our Hub GUI globally. When on any realm simply type /server and the GUI will appear. You can also use this GUI as a form of checking player counts individually on each realm!

by Bethy at 2:19 PM
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Updates, updates, updates!
How exciting. I have a few new updates to inform you all about and I'm pretty hyped myself. As most of you have seen, I have a new tag: "Community Manager" basically meaning that I will be the main one to inform you guys of our newest updates and news rather than waiting ages for an announcement as Alex and Ben are usually very busy.

New Website Design
With 5.0 on board I think it's time we had front-page revamp. The current website design has been with us for quite a while now and currently it's in the process of being re-drawn and it looks amazing. The preview below is only a sketch and the final version will be coming soon! What do you think?


Ban System
We have implemented a new ban system! Everything is global which means everything will be more organized now. Many improvements to our new system will be made within the next following few weeks. This will mean upcoming rule changes and possible staff changes with this new system, along with a much more stable punishment system in terms of actual punishment.