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by Annie at 3:27 AM
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Hello, hello, Desteria! Another earth-shattering update today - we seem to be making a habit of these! With several great improvements and one whomping huge game-changer, I expect the response to this announcement to be quite loud.

Thank You!
Before we get started, let's give a massive round of applause for our developer, @OhBlihv. He has, along with our lovely @Eraze, been trucking through updates, developing amazing and complex plugins. They have been fueling brilliant idea after brilliant idea, as well as tirelessly working to improve what we already have, so that all of us can enjoy a seamless, entertaining Desteria.


I'd also like to bring attention to @GloriousPanda's amazing, newly formed event team. I was present at the starting of the event realm, and the genuine synergy between everyone as they scrambled to work the controls and redstone for events was remarkable.

Bravo, all of Desteria's behind-the-scenes workers; we see you, and we thank you.

Mailing System
Originally intended as an Admin tool to notify players breaking the chunk boundary rule, the enabling...
by Annie at 11:15 PM
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Hello hello, Desteria! We've progressed into the new year quite nicely so far, and I see many familiar faces moving back into our forests since the Overlords awakened. A huge welcome back to all of you, and without further delay, let's get into the multitude of updates we've planned for everyone!

Spongeable Lava
After a good deal of discussion, the team has decided to implement a large game-changer - lava will now behave similarly to water when in the presence of sponges. This means that sponges can "soak up" an area of lava around them. We understand that this is a large step and can massively change game mechanics, and we hope that this will bring more value to sponges and encourage more creative gameplay.

Event Realm
A hungry, gaping portal has ripped open the fabrics of space, right here in our forests tonight. Quickly, we conquered and dubbed this new world "The Event Realm". For the rest of recorded time, all events held in our forests will take place in this realm, instead of on random ones as have been happening.
To celebrate the birth of this new realm, we will also be...
by Annie at 1:12 AM
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Hello hello, Desteria! Time has flown us by, and we've boldly strode into a brand new year of infinite opportunities. Today, I bring all of you a couple of updates, and a follow-up on our Overlord's Awakening update.

20-Chunk Claim Buffer
No longer can large factions claim half the map in chunk buffers to protect their bases. In simplest terms: a 20-chunk radius limit will now be applicable to all bases. Factions are not allowed to claim more than 20 chunks from the center of their base, meaning that regardless of reason, there cannot be over 40 chunks claimed consecutively by the same faction, or that faction's alts and alliances.


A new section will be created in the forums for players to report factions that are breaking this rule. From the moment this announcement is made, 24 hours will be given for players to settle their buffers. Factions will be warned for their first offence, then action will be taken - including forceful unclaiming of land, temporary bans, and even disbanding of factions who repeatedly break this rule.

We are aware that this is a rather large change, and will cause a significant...
by Ambushment at 1:03 AM
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Christmas Sale: 50% OFF!

Let's enter into the world of sales because we're about to have a big one! With Christmas right around the corner, we'll be having our LAST big sale for a while. It's time to fill the stockings once more, and there's no better way than to hold a 50% sale! The 50% sale will kick in Wednesday, December 23rd and will last until the weekend.. all the way to Monday, December 28th. We can guarantee many updates to come in the next few weeks, but we can't guarantee that we'll be having more sales this large any time soon. Happy holidays everyone!


Release: Overlord Class

Everyone's been wondering.. who's this crazy old guy named Odaren? Well.. we don't really know either. All we know is that he's been on many adventures and has offered up his experience to train more Overlords on Desteria. He's very wise, and his abilities outperform the current four classes. His kits are quite nice as well, or so I've heard. Due to his prestigious status, you'll need to purchase access to his class on...
by Ambushment at 9:11 AM
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Overlord Awakening: Introduction

Oh boy, the moment we've all been waiting for! I can feel the excitement crackling amongst everyone - the team, and the players. I can't express with words how fantastic it feels to have our hardwork pay off - mostly because I can barely talk from the exhaustion of sleepless nights. This has been the update that we've been eagerly working on for a very long time - as soon as 5.0 started tilting. We're very certain that we'll see a major improvement in economy this time around. Without further ado, let me present to you what Overlord's Awakening has to offer.. And while this post doesn't cover every little change made, these are the stand-out features!


OA: Class System Update
We've changed up the upgrading system for class ranks. Players will be initiated into their class through a Class Master after jumping into a portal. For rank upgrades, players will visit their Class Master. What's more even more exciting? Each class has a permanent ability that really stands out, here are the main four..

Viking: Permanent Haste II,
Archer: Permanent Speed Boost,
Assassin: Permanent Jump Boost,
Undead: Permanent...
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I doubt I could begin to convey the magnitude of this announcement with words; nor could any part of my vocabulary possibly placate the upcoming storm of that’s coming, so lets begin.

(Terrain Reset) Overlord's Awakening: Pre-Introduction
It's hard to believe how far both the community and server has developed within the past two years. The time feels as if it's been only a few months, yet this upcoming February we're nearing our second anniversary; it's crazy. With new servers and competition consistently forming, we've managed to stay strong and continue the true legacy. We've had a few very, VERY amazing updates during these two years. I think we owe it to ourselves and the entire community to bring you one of our best updates yet.


OA: Terrain Reset
It's time to drop your bags and leave all treasures behind. Due to the drastic changes made to the economy along with a re-haul of the class system.. The Overlord's Awakening update will consist of a terrain and class reset. All balances, enderchests, and terrain will be cleared. This news may not coincide as well as the feelings of many,...