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Heya everyone, Mikayla here! After some time settling in, today marks my first official announcement! From here onwards, I will be handling the majority of these posts, so I hope I can live up to the hype! Before I would like to begin, I just want to say a huge thank-you to everyone who has taken the time to say hello to me over the course of June, I enjoyed meeting you all, and I have made some amazing friends! Now, let's get roooight into the news! *jokes*


Judgement Day: July
July already? We're officially 7 months into the year, woohoo! Today, I have the privilege of welcoming the new recruits into the team, and I can't wait to see what they have in-store for the team! Big congratulations to those who made it this month, and to those who were promoted up the ranks. For anyone who didn't make it this month and was trying, don't give up! Whilst this judgement day was relatively small, we're certainly looking to expand our team over the next few months, as we have some big things in store! For a final list of those who were involved in this months judgement day, check out this thread:...
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Reset Sale: 60% OFF!

Another Sale? Hell yeah! We know how much this community loves getting great discounts on our awesome store packages, so I'm here to remind you all about our HUGE 60% reset sale! Take advantage of these amazing prices while you can, and get your hands on some game-changing prizes! This sale will last until Tuesday, July 5th, so make sure you get in while you can! Also, make sure you keep an eye on the forums, because we may have some cool new gizmos coming to the store soon!


Post-Reset: 7.0
Woah, what a crazy week it has been! Whilst 7.0 wasn't the smoothest update in the beginning, we're so glad to have things running great, and seeing everyone enjoy the update so much! We can't thank everyone enough for taking part in this amazing update, and we can't wait to share some of the things we have come for you all soon! We also want to remind everyone that this is only the beginning! With the reset finally in place and everyone settled in, we're smashing out every bug we find, and moving on to what's next for us on Desteria....
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Desteria: 7.0 Introduction (60% SALE)
The time is finally here, the wait is finally over! After a stressful week of constant work from the team, we are extremely proud to be announcing the official introduction to Desteria's latest update: 7.0! With 6.0 finally coming to an end, I'm sure we can all agree that it's time for some fresh gameplay, awesome features and a new map to enjoy with all your friends and enemies! Without boring you with my words, let's get into the good stuff, while I explain some of the main things you will be seeing within this update on Desteria! Sit back, enjoy the excitement and tell mom to get the camera, this one is going to need it!


A Breath Of Fresh Air
Upon logging into 7.0, you will instantly notice that we have gone ahead and spiced up some of our favorite warps and areas! Most noticeably, you will see that we have an amazing new spawn for everyone to soak in and enjoy! We hope that this is the breath of fresh air that everyone needs, as it is only one step we have taken to make this update feel different than anything else - and we want it to be...
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*Drumroll*... Let the Hype train begin, we're in action!

7.0: Pre-Introduction
It's here everyone, finally! After months of hard work and patience, the time here, and we are ready to take back the throne once and for all! The anticipation for this reset has been through the roof, and we as a team cannot wait to provide the best update to see Desteria! Please be aware, this is only the pre-introduction thread to let everyone know what's coming - more posts will follow letting everyone know exactly what's new. It's time to get together as a community and prepare for what will be, a new age of Desteria!


7.0: A New Age
As a community, it is time to change! It's time to throw away the past, and prepare for some of the most action-packed months on Minecraft! Desteria has seen its good and bad days, but the tables are certainly about to turn - that's for sure! With the summer ahead of us, we want to provide the absolute best possible reset you have experienced yet, and we want to do it in style! As...
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Back again Desterian's, today with some important and exciting news! You have all been asking the question, who will be the new member of Management? And today, your answer is here! Keep reading for more.


Community Manager: QueenMikayla
Yes, the time has come. Over the past few weeks, I have been thinking non-stop about this topic, and trying to make the best decision as for who should be carrying out the responsibilities of Management. Needing the help as soon as possible, I pushed myself to make the decision as soon as possible, and now the time is right.

QueenMikayla will be our newest member of Management, and our only member for now. She is new to this community, but has already made her mark, and gone out of her way to be as supportive as possible to this community, in the time of need. Mikayla was brought on to this team to handle chargeback issues and other problems behind the scenes. However, due to her experienced past and knowledge, I decided to move her up to Management, so she can help as much as possible.

Mikayla's position on Desteria will require more than any Manager has ever been asked...
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Howdy howdy, I'm back again! Welcome everyone, to yet another post to inform you all of what has been going on lately and what's new! While we are working on a whole lot of stuff, this is all I'll be sharing today. I hope you all enjoy the post, and please leave a rating!

Market Booster + Price Drops
As another suggestion from our community, we are proud to present the Market Sell Boosters, which will have hit the shelves as this post is live! When activated, this booster multiplies all sell prices by 1.25x - meaning your next run to the market will be worth a LOT more. It's certainly our coolest Booster yet! While we are here, I'm also happy to announce that all Booster prices have been slashed to a more reasonable number - we hope you enjoy these changes!

Ranks Are Back
Feels like months, doesn't it? Finally, ranks have publicly made a return to our store under our new EULA-friendly way of selling items. Like others purchasable items, ranks will now need to be called in the wild warp in-order to be claimed. This is great news for those who can't afford a rank right now, as...