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It's February! To kick off the new month, we're launching a mega 70% OFF Sale across the Desteria Store!
Greetings Desterians! It's time for another update post. Today we are releasing our FFA realm, a new /disposal command and launching one of the highest sales we have ever run! More update posts are to follow for January's top voters, staff team changes, and the February Monthly Crate.

FFA (Terminal) Released
The long overdue realm is now open and ready for all Desterians to jump into once again! We're bringing back memories with our previously used, but improved version of the Terminal map.

Monthly leaderboards display the top kills and killstreaks during the month and will automatically reset each month.

Free for all currently consists of a potion PvP experience. However, please see our community poll here to choose your favorite type of PvP, and we may consider switching it up!...
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It's finally here! And to celebrate, we're launching a 40% OFF Sale across the Desteria Store!

Greetings Desterians! Today I'm bringing you a short update to announce that it's finally time for the boss fights to commence. Both nex bosses have been unleashed and will periodically summon in the Desteria wild. Read this update post to find out what this entails.

Hourly Event & Countdown

Boss fights automatically summon every hour. Simply type /boss to find out how long until the next boss fight begins.


Boss Arena Pit
All bosses will summon at the same location in a cratered arena pit located in the Desteria wild. When a boss fight is active, the /boss command will teleport you right next to the boss arena, so you can jump straight into the action and all players have a fair chance at participating. However, be careful and gear up properly. PVP is enabled as soon as you spawn in!...
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Introducing: Zulen

Greetings Desterians! A whole new Desteria experience is approaching. Today, I am excited to share with you all: Zulen Realm. This new realm is different from our original Desteria realms, featuring a fully custom enchantment system.

This introduction post will cover the following topics:

  • Release date and time
  • Custom enchantments
  • Desteria store for Zulen

Release Date and Time
Zulen opens to all Desterians on:

Saturday 6th January 2018
20:00 GMT / 15:00 EST / 14:00 CST / 13:00 MT / 12:00 PST
Map Details
World size: 30,000 x 30,000 blocks.
World radius: 15,000 blocks.

Custom Enchantments
This release aims to add a whole new gameplay experience at Desteria, with a whole new custom built enchantment system bringing new means to grinding...
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Greetings Desterians, and welcome to the new year! We've come a long way and have seen many ideas come into reality. Though for this year, 2018, we aim to top our previous accomplishments and provide you, our community, with the best content and updates we can provide. Now, let's go over a few things added recently and the last month's top voters!

Huge 45% New Years Sale!

We're launching straight into the new year with a huge 45% Off Sale! Take advantage of this incredible discount before it ends. All packages, including this month's limited edition Monthly Crate and kit, are available at a reduced price! Visit now!


January 2018 Monthly Crate
A new item has appeared in our store! The new edition of our Monthly Crate series for this month has arrived. New 11.0 based items including our heavily desired Tier 3 Spawner Generator can be found. Why not start this year with our brand new crate? ...
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Greeting Desterians! As the reset nears we have one last announcement regarding the launch of Desteria 11.0, we have put a considerable amount of thought over the following and are pleased to announce their arrival for this upcoming map.
Explosion Grace Period
We find the first day of a fresh map to be quite exciting and we are sure the community feels the same way. Although this can be a time of hard work & dedication to get your faction's base up in the small time frame you have. To make it easier for you, our player base we have now introduced a 72 hour grace period where TNT is disabled. This allows everyone a considerable amount of time to get their faction up and running to prepare for what this map has to offer.

Printer Allowed
For quite some time we have had printer disabled due to a split opinion on the functionality of it and how it will function in the Desteria environment. However, as of recent, we have noticed a large majority of users appealing for printer to be allowed on the server, thus have we looked into the...
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Greetings Desterians! With less than 24 hours to go until the launch of Desteria 11.0, are you ready? I'm bringing you a short update post to announce a couple things you can look forward to for this reset!

Ban Reset
Just before 11.0 kicks off, all Desteria punishments have been reset! This clears all active bans and mutes, and also clears the player's history. Both in-game and website punishments have been wiped!

An incredible 500 blacklists were active, and most of which were far too strict. Excluding a select few, all blacklists have also been lifted.

We've also revised the rules on how blacklists are handed out. Now, only Managers can issue blacklist bans. Blacklists should only be given for serious offenses such as releasing personal information or threats, DoS or DDoS attacks, server exploits, and illegal activity.

Take this as an opportunity to start fresh, keep a clean record, and enjoy the 11.0 update along with a few other huge updates planned for the weeks following 11.0 release.

55% Off Store...