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Greetings Desterians!

In addition to our official impending reset announcement, the following few things are also being changed and will take effect from the update release date.

Rule Updates
The following rules have been added and will be effective from March 31st.

1. Faction Insiding

Insiding is when a player manipulates another faction into gaining their trust and then proceeds to raid the faction's base with malicious intent.

Although insiding may be considered part of factions, it significantly affects the longevity of a map and requires no real skill.

1st Offence: Permanent ban

Due to the nature of insiding, this cannot possibly disallow insiding entirely. This rule acts as a punishment only and no damage caused will be reimbursed. Also, we will only punish in cases of malicious intent, and this is at the discretion of upper staff members. Factions caught doing this may also be disbanded and disqualified from the faction top rewards.

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Greetings Desterians!

Today we are announcing one of the most diverse content updates and resets we have so-far released to Desteria. Let's get straight into this; here's an overview of what will be announced in this post:

  • New Specialized Realms
  • Merger Details
  • Reset Release Date
  • Closed Beta Testing
  • Faction Top Rewards
  • What's New
  • Our Future Plans


New Specialized Realms

This reset comes with a whole new realm format! Please welcome your new Desteria realms:


Auren Realm:

"Behind the sprawling trees, countless adventures await those who dare enter."


  • Custom Class System
    • This...
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Greetings Desterians!

While we work on huge updates behind the scenes, today we're bringing you a small release with a brand new supply crate, celebrating with a St. Patrick's Day theme, available through this month.

  • Limited Edition Pot O' Gold Crate
  • Leprechaun Trail Aura
  • February's Top Voters
  • New Bug Reports System

40% OFF Store Sale!
It's a new month, and time for a new offer! For a limited time only, all packages on the Desteria Store are discounted an outstanding 40% OFF. Go check out our brand new Leprechaun Halo Aura!

Pot O' Gold Crate
We're switching things up this month! In recognition of one of March's celebrations, St Patrick's Day, we're bringing you the limited edition Pot O' Gold Crate!


Leprechaun Trail Aura
As part of the Pot O' Gold Crate, also available separately is the...
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Greetings Desterians!

Today I am pleased to bring you a plethora of new updates that have arrived at Desteria. This update post goes through the following:

  • February Monthly Crate
  • Valentines Kits
  • Boss Flares
  • New 'Slimey NEX' boss
  • Recent bug fixes
  • Various other updates

Up to 75% OFF Store Sale!
To celebrate all these updates, we're launching a HUGE up to 75% OFF sale on the Desteria Store! All Player Ranks will be discounted an incredible 75% OFF.

We're also discounting every single package on our server store - currently available for just half the price! This limited time sale will end soon!

February Monthly Crate
Better late than never! February's crate is now available over at the Desteria Store! This limited edition supply crate comes...
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Greetings Desterians.

As of today's auto reboots, a broken jar was deployed for spawner generators. This resulted in spawners being generated in ~5 seconds instead of 1 hour - negatively impacting the server's economy.

We found out within the hour of the bugged version being loaded and took the faction realms offline.

Krynn, Sepre, Eldyn, Lyren, and Zulen are currently restoring from a 4:30 AM EST backup (approx. 2 hours ago from when this is posted).

The ETA for reverting the realms is 1 hour.

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Expecting another ~20 minutes before the backup is complete.
--- Double Post Merged, Feb 11, 2018 ---
All realms have been restored. Rollbacks are complete.
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January's Top Voters

Once again, It's time to announce the top voters for the server, below are our Top-voters for the previous month, a huge thank you to those who have voted. We appreciate your support! Please could you contact me (VIA forums PMs) to claim your prizes.

#1 - SenseiFatcat ($50)
#2 - EnvesTik ($40)
#3 - EveningQuasar ($30)
#4 - ShaderHoth ($20)
#5 - Possessedhippo ($10)

New Developer

Please give a warm welcome to our new developer, InternetWarrior! He will start working on Tuesday and will be assigned a task to look into. The developer team, under the leadership of Shoix, will be working to fix the bugs that are currently on the server so be sure to report here.