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Hello hello, Desterians!
I know that I've been awfully quiet since joining the network, but the conceptualization stage is finally over and I'm ready to start working with our talented devs and builders to start getting this Skyblock thing off the ground.

I know that a few of you are hearing "Skyblock" and immediately going
, but I've also had some engaging feedback and questions about Skyblock from some of you. After all, I'm sure that almost you have played Skyblock at one point of your lives, and/or have your own opinions about what you wanna see in the gamemode.

This isn't exactly a poll persay, but rather a platform for you guys to throw out some features you'd like to see. Currently, our content document has tons of PvE, RPG thematic content but it's a bit dry on the PvP end of things, than I would like. We're straying away from the concept of classes, but there will still be 4 "factions" of sorts for different branches of gameplay... More details to come!

But anyways, what do you guys think captures the essence of "Desteria Factions" and can't be left out of our venture into a new gamemode? Let us know!
16 Sep
Staff Team Changes Omega

Greetings Desterians!

Time to get into some hopefully positive changes to the staff team that will be going into effect while you read this. This is the start of some changes I'll be making to the staff team. I created this before @Rain posted his essay on the state of the staff, so I'll be reading the comments and replying to that thread actively to make some additional adjustments - but for now I will only be providing what is already fully decided on and where I want to go from here, so let's get into it.

Recruit Changes:
As you all know, our recruits have been completely nonexistent. I will say that is completely due to the mentality I've been holding onto and my expectations for what staff SHOULD be like, and while I still don't fully agree with how we're moving forward, I am taking the advice I've been told in terms of who I should be hiring. Recruits will most likely be hired more frequently and 'loosely', even if they are fairly questionable so people actually have a chance to show how they've changed.

Personally, I still believe you should be performing and showcasing your ability as a staff member before ever getting the position, but most people have seemed to get into this mode of "I'll change when I get it" so I guess we'll see if that's...
04 Sep
Season 4-1 | F-Top & August Top Voters! Omega

Greetings Desterians!

August Top Voters

I'm here to announce the top voters of this last month! If you weren't aware, you can earn rewards from voting! You can find the specifics here. As for the month of August, here are your winners! All codes will be mailed to everyone in-game within 24 hours of this post.
  1. Ankiino - 151 votes
  2. KieranGG - 150 votes
  3. NorthernLen - 145 votes
  4. shaggytheclown - 140 votes
  5. BloodyEclair - 138 votes
Congratulations to the users who've won. Thank you all so much for taking the time to vote for Desteria. Please check Besen for your coupon (through /mail).

F-Top Information & Winners

Just as clarification for how F-Top will be calculated, we will be taking F-Top every 2.5 weeks for a total of 4 rewards over the course of 10 weeks. A total value of £400 (for F-Top #1), £208 (for F-Top #2), or £80 (for F-Top #3). At the very end, whoever wins the last F-Top value will be considered the all-time winner, and will be asked to provide the list of people they wish to receive title and an aura (based on their member list taken at the time of F-Top Recording). Second and Third place EOTW winners (for each realm) will also receive their respective...
26 Aug
Drego Map #3 Winners Emmymerh

Greetings Desterians!
Drego-Map #3 has ended as of Saturday, August 17th at 3 PM EST, and so it's time to finally congratulate the winners! We sincerely apologize for the delay, but without further ado...

:1st:1st Place: Pirates: $1,000 USD PayPal & $200 Store Gift Card
Leader: PiratesLeader with $1,857,239,515.00
:2nd:2nd Place: Improbus: $500 USD PayPal & $200 Store Gift Card
Leader: OfficialMod with $39,169,582.00
:third:3rd Place: Imperial: $250 USD PayPal & $200 Store Gift Card
Leader: calebmoyer11 with $24,626,921.00

4th Place: Skrulls: $200 Store Gift Card Leader: ABOoODY333 with $21,871,932.00
5th Place: Redemption: $100 Store Gift Card Leader: AntiCheap with $19,958,835.00
6th Place: PanzerIV: $90 Store Gift Card Leader: Jamelao300 with $18,924,103.00
7th Place: Zils: $80 Store Gift Card Leader: AppleSmasher with $18,758,415.00
8th Place: onisan: $70 Store Gift Card Leader: _PineappleLord_ with $12,549,221.00
9th Place: THEUNITED: $60 Store Gift Card Leader: Guard_101 with $11,275,361.00
10th Place: Positivity: $50 Store Gift Card Leader: biffing with $9,722,587.00

All prizes will be paid and handed out shortly. Store gift card...

Greetings Desterians!

After a successful launch of Desteria Plus 4.0 at the weekend, this marks the first update of new additions we've made since the start of the map. We've brought over a couple of handy features that we trialed on Drego to Auren, Besen, and Caden. As-well-as a solution for player's alts causing FPS lag around warps.

Faction Storage Chest
All factions will now have access to a group storage chest that can be accessed on-the-go from anywhere by typing /f chest

The default storage capacity is 9 slots:

This is a handy feature for faction members to share items when they're not logged in at the same times.

The /f chest storage capacity can be upgraded up to a double chest size with in-game cash through our new Faction Upgrades feature explained below!

Faction Upgrades
A highly requested feature is Faction Upgrades! Factions finally can contribute wealth to unlock whole-faction benefits.

For this to work, all factions will now have a money bank which can be accessed with the...

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