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10 Jun
Announcement | Season 2 Purge Winners Omega

Purge Winners
After the dust settles, only a few remain standing after the 12 hour Purge. These are your winners. Users should have their #Purge titles within 24 hours of this post.


  1. White_Maori - 26 kills
  2. iDunnDog - 22 kills
  3. _SplityoBase - 12 kills
  4. AlienTie06 - 11 kills
  5. Camrron - 7 kills
  6. ToxicBuds - 5 kills
  7. Octaret - 4 kills
  8. alika808 - 4 kills
  1. coolrockt - 31 kills
  2. Rizzeh - 21 kills
  3. ComboHD - 18 kills
  4. AceHerc - 18 kills
  5. BadCandy - 14 kills
  6. xFiox - 14 kills
  7. Ranety - 10 kills
  8. Bowzza - 9 kills
  1. Blowsi - 47 kills
  2. Realbois - 35 kills
  3. kingstorm247 - 27 kills
  4. Nick_Link - 19 kills
  5. Humanes - 12 kills
  6. GetL - 12 kills
  7. Skexy - 10 kills
  8. Adraulis - 10 kills
Just like last time, I'll be giving everyone who participated rewards regardless of apparent alt-farming because then it just becomes an endless argument as to why I didn't punish everyone who did it - however we will be working towards trying to get better protocols in place to sort out alt-killers. I'll try to get titles pushed out soon, but thank you for...
08 Jun
Announcement | F-Top Winners Omega

F-Top Information & Winners
Just as clarification for how F-Top will be calculated, we will be taking F-Top every 2.5 weeks for a total of 4 rewards over the course of 10 weeks. A total value of £400 (for F-Top #1), £208 (for F-Top #2), or £80 (for F-Top #3). At the very end, whoever wins the last F-Top value will be considered the all-time winner, and will be asked to provide the list of people they wish to receive title and an aura (based on their member list taken at the time of F-Top Recording). Second and Third place EOTW winners (for each realm) will also receive their respective auras, but no title.

With all that said, lets announce the third iteration of Season 2 F-Top Winners! All rewards have been sent to the leader's /mail in-game on their respective realms.

  1. Valor ~ Leader: FK9 - $874,781,424.70
    • You won a £100 gift card code!
    • You won a Gold Aura!
    • You won a special title!
  2. MiniValor~ Leader: LewisYoYoYo- $131,619,968.00
    • You won a £52 gift card code!
    • You won a Silver Aura!
  3. anarchy44~ Leader: JuiceBox1314 - $25,984,663.40
    • You won a £20 gift card code!
    • You won a Bronze Aura!
  1. Pirates ~ Leader: Ryan_1998 -...
07 Jun
Auren, Besen & Caden Purge! iLemon
The Purge Event
Purge will run for 12 consecutive hours, followed by downtime for Season 3 preparations!

Friday 7th June 2019
4pm EST / 9pm BST
For your local timezone, please click here!

What is the Purge?
If you are unfamiliar with how Purge events work, I'll give a brief description. Purge events are when we remove most of the protected areas of the map such as shop and other various warps. We also allow PvP everywhere (with the exception of one safe zone where you spawn) and we offer signs that give you kits, experience, and other raiding/pvp items.

On top of all that, one of the main features is that we disband all factions and remove all claimed land - truly making it a free-for-all for everyone. Whoever gets the most kills during the 12 hour period will win a Purge title on the realm they won on.

As a side note, you will be death-banned from the realm when you die, so make it...
06 Jun
Auren, Besen & Caden Impending Resets! iLemon

Desteria Plus: Season 3
A fresh new start for Auren, Besen, and Caden!
After nearly 10 weeks of action, it's almost time for a fresh start and resets of Auren Realm, Besen Realm, and Caden Realm!

This announcement will outline the map reset information, changes to this map, and tease some upcoming updates.

General Information
Auren, Besen, and Caden Season 3 starts at the following date and time:

Saturday 8th June 2019
3pm EST / 8pm BST
For your local timezone, please click here!

1 week of grace period. 9 weeks of raiding.

Faction Top Payouts
Payouts are split into 4 and paid out every 2.5 weeks.

1st Place - $500 Store Gift Card
2nd Place - $260 Store Gift Card
3rd Place - $100 Store Gift Card

Season Details
Faction member limit: 30
Power per player...​
02 Jun
Top Voters | May Omega

Greetings Desterians!

May Top Voters
I'm here to announce the top voters of this last month! If you weren't aware, you can earn rewards from voting! You can find the specifics here. As for the month of May, here are your winners! All codes will be mailed to everyone in-game within 24 hours of this post.
  1. DiamondTPG - 173 votes
  2. Soreve - 167 votes
  3. Nick_Link - 165 votes
  4. OfficialLegoz - 156 votes
  5. Leonardodf - 155 votes
Congratulations to the users who've won. Thank you all so much for taking the time to vote for Desteria. It truly does help a lot.


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